Always Learning....

I feel as if life has brought me to where I am at for a reason.  I like this place a lot.  No, I love this place.  Although I love this place, the journey up to this point has had many bumps.  I think these bumps teach us many lessons. Weak, strong, happy, sad, angry, indifferent....all of these emotions help to shape us into who we are.

If you don't know me, My name is Megan. I'm a soon to be 35-year old and mom to two boys. I'm also a new step-mom to three teenagers which can be very challenging at times. My husband and I married this past January, and I'm so grateful to have met such an accepting man to have in my life. When I showed my husband my blog, he quickly pointed out that I spelled the word "patients" incorrectly. It's actually a play on words. I'm a Registered Nurse and after taking a year off work, I am returning on a very part-time basis. I love my job as a Nurse. Caring for new infants and mother's is exciting and rewarding. Although it has its bad days, there is nothing like watching new life emerge into the world to grow and thrive. Every patient, big or small can teach me something that can be beneficial in both life and career. I have a few patients that I hold near and dear to my heart. A few that have left a lasting impression. There is this one little patient though. My most favorite little patient. This little patient teaches me so many different things every single day of my life. Most importantly, he has taught me the very important virtue of patience. He is my sweet little patient, my son, my hero... and he just happens to call me mom :-)

Welcome to my little world. My great big little world!

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